Bookkeeping and accounting tasks

We take the books and produce required financial statements and reports for corporations and small businesses in accordance with legal regulations and financial reporting standards. Our primary task is recording business events based on accounting documents (incoming and outgoing invoices, calculations, bank statements, salaries, compensation, treasury bills, etc.).

For companies

- We develop accounting policies and charts of the suggestions and needs of each client.
- We take financial accounting: journal and general ledger, cash book major and books of accounts 

  payable and accounts receivable.

- We take material and inventory accounting, foreign currency accounting, production accounting, book 

  travel expenses, depreciation of fixed assets and other services depending on the needs of our clients.
- We take an analytical record of Accounts Receivable and Accounts suppliers.

- We make calculations and receipts.

- We produce full payroll accounting for workers provided by contributions and taxes, along with the 

  preparation of prescribed reports.

- Calculate value-added tax.

- We produce quarterly and annual accounts (balance sheet, income statement, cash flows, and notes 

  to the statements).

- Compile the basic financial statements: balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement and 

  notes to the financial statements.

- Produce statistical reports (quarterly, annually).

- We make required reports (R-Sm, SPL, TMP, ID and IP forms).

- Draws up the application of value added tax.

- Compose a profit tax with attachments for determining income tax.

- Drafting orders for the payment of taxes, contributions and net earnings.


For craftsmen

- We take a book of receipts and expenditures, and a book of revenue.

- We take extra books and tax records (Cashbook, books URA and the IRA, material and inventory 

  accounting, depreciation and other accounts as prescribed by law).

- We take inventory of fixed assets and records of claims and obligations.

- Bill payment and the costs associated with transportation, field allowances, per diem.

- Prepare annual income tax returns.

- Bill author contracts, contracts of work for subcontractors and wage records related to the processing 

  of payments.

- Drafting orders for the payment of taxes and contributions, net pay; we create and lead the required 

  reports and records relating to wages.

- Any other services and calculations, based on the needs of our clients.

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